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Integrative Therapist and Coach 

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Elaine Denton

A Little More About Me

Are you ready to live a life where you get to be unapologetically you?

The Elaine, you see here is limitless, courageous, happy, confident and knows her value in this world.

​This for me, is THE most important thing that I can share with you about my 'identity'. Me.



Because in life, we tend to lead with what we 'do' as a statement of who we 'are'. and often we get stuck in the question of the latter. We often feel that sense of disconnect to ourslves.... that sense of not knowing who we truly are, or having the fear that that person isn't good enough.

That was my old story. It's not anymore.

If you want the juicy bits....

This is what I have personally gained with doing the inner work though coaching and therapy:

👉 be happy in my own skin, to be myself and LOVE who I am 

👉 find full self acceptance and create confidence in my self image 

👉 create a healthy mindset and curb the negative self talk 

👉 minimise stress and anxiety to normal healthy levels 

👉 quit my corporate career and set up my own Coaching, Therapy and Lifestyle business in 2018

👉 became a qualified Life Coach, accredited to the ICF

👉 became a qualified Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapy student 

👉 sell my house and moved to a new city to build a new personal and business life in 2022

Over the last 6 years, I have uncovered so much about myself that I didn't know. ​The trigger? I got to 39, single, no kids.... and I suddenly felt this panic.


Had I done enough in life? Was I truly happy? Should I strive for more career progression or had I put my career first for too long? Should I try and find someone and settle down and have a family? And why hadn't I done it all yet? Was it too late? What was wrong with me? Why did I feel like I don't fit in anywhere? 

At this point, to the outside world, I had 'achieved' so much- amazing career as a high level manager in the fitness industry, my dream home, nice cars, amazing physique, buzzing social life... seems great, right? How could I be unhappy?

My personal reality was different. I had daily and social anxiety, I had imposter syndrome.... I was crumbling on the inside. I turned to food for comfort (away from the obsessively clean eating that gave me a 'dream' body). I was binge drinking every weekend.


I was shopping excessively to cheer myself up got into debt. I was ill.


Mentally, emotionally and physically. I thought I just needed a rest and a reset.

And I thought my story was all about 'work'. 


My friend was teaching on a fitness and yoga retreat..... so on her suggestion, I booked on. On day 2, I attended the first day of a life coaching programme. I expected to be told everything I already knew.....yet, on that day I acknowledged how unhappy I was. I couldn't stop the tears (for the first time in years whilst sober). I realised, things needed to change. I needed help.

So I got help. And over the next 6 years, what I achieved wasn't what I expected.


It started with me wanting a new career. My soul needed more.

Little did I know, what came next would change the course of my life.

You see, the theme that was running through my life was...  



The next 6 years was a journey that involved me breaking through trauma induced thought, feeling and behaviour patterns. To heal all the parts of me that were unhealed.

Further down the line with therapy, I learned this came from childhood trauma, and my deepest core belief was that I was unloveable (due to a lack of unconditional love in childhood) which explained had low level anxiety for my whole life yet thought 'I was just a worrier' (no one is a natural born worrier). I was a massive people pleaser in a bid to always be liked and never rock the boat.

As a result I was telling myself stories around what my life 'should' look like. The job I 'should' have to be seen as successful and to be 'liked'. The 'crazy' love life with inappropriate partners and drama to match. The 'independent' woman who can have everything. 

Maybe this resonates? Feelings of not being good enough? Shrinking to fit? People pleasing? Saying yes when you want to say no? 

Right now, I am thriving. Of course things happen in lofe...but things that no longer throw me off course. I have developed mind mastery, gained emotional resilience and my behaviours overall are no longer self-defeating.


But how does all of this help you? 

What I have learned through my own journey is a depth of understanding of how your limiting core beliefs shape your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and how important getting to these deeper layers truly is.


I am no 'ordinary' coach or therapist. I can truly help you change your life.

2023-01-09 11_43_32-Window.png

Through me doing my inner work, I also unleashed my full soul purpose!


I want to help you find unconditional love for YOU: the type of love that doesn't just come from AN Other or ANYTHING other.

I want you to know it's possible.

I want you to know I believe you can. 

I want you to know you are enough. 




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©2023 Elaine Denton

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