This is me at a coaching retreat helping women to find their inner goddess...the truth of who they are.

What you see is a 40 something public speaker, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Meditation and Yoga Teacher... but I haven't always had this lust for life. 

My own core limiting belief used to be that I was 'unloveable'.... and I had no idea, until the story got bigger and louder until I couldn't ignore it anymore. 

I was approaching 39, single, no kids.... and this story hit it's peak. I had 'achieved' so much on paper- amazing career as a high level manager in the fitness industry, my dream home, nice cars, amazing physique, buzzing social life... seems great, right? 

I had low self esteem and was in the ever demanding fitness industry, Surrounded by ideas of perfection, I started obsessively healthy eating and 'finally' got the recognition I thought I it happens I was a size 8 and became utterly miserable....but I thought this was what life was all about! An how could I feel miserable if I 'had' everything I desired? How could I say how I truly felt when no one would believe me? 

The stress of my job, the hours and effort I was putting in and lack of nourishment lead to weight gain (when I started eating again), ill health and burnout. I thought I just needed a rest and a reset. I thought my story was all about 'work'. 

I met my Life Coach and Mentor on day 2 of a Yoga retreat. I started crying and literally couldn't stop. I didn't realise how unhappy and exhausted I had become. I was at the later stages of burnout and I needed help.

At that point I became 'consciously unhappy'.

Finally I could put some sort of perspective on my life. I knew where I was and knew I needed things to change. 

Through coaching I identified my core limiting belief. This came from childhood trauma. I had low level anxiety for my whole life yet thought 'I was just a worrier' (no one is a natural born worrier). I was a massive people pleaser in a bid to always be liked and never rock the boat.

As a result I was telling myself stories around what my life 'should' look like. The job I 'should' have to be seen as successful and to be 'liked'. The 'crazy' love life with inappropriate partners and drama to match. The 'independent' woman who can have everything. 

Reality? I felt unfulfilled. Miserable. Full of self loathing and I was lonely. My 'unloveable' story I knew nothing about was being kept alive by the life I was leading. 

I worked on a 12 month coaching programme, and further therapy and as a result I:

👉 quit my corporate career and set up my own Coaching, Therapy and Lifestyle business 

👉 became a qualified Life Coach, accredited to the ICF

👉became a qualified Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapy student 

I also created unconditional love for myself, that enabled me to:

👉 lose and stabilise weight so my body is healthy without restriction 

👉 create a healthy mindset and curb the negative self talk 

👉minimise stress and anxiety to normal healthy levels 

 👉be happy in my own skin, to be myself and LOVE who I am 

My purpose is to help people find unconditional love for themselves, the type of love that doesn't just come from AN Other.

Maybe you are feeling like something is missing? Maybe it has been since you were a child.... that sense of something holding you back...

Or maybe you've lost that sense of 'who you are' and you want to reclaim your identity?

The time is NOW. And I can help you. 

There are many ways to enhance your wellbeing...but as I learned, working from the inside out and moving the body and a nurturing way gave me the biggest wins of my life!

And now? Now I want to help YOU!

I have created an online community where we are empowered: to believe that change is possible and that the life or person you dream of being can become a reality. 

And you can start by being apart of this community for FREE!

Sound good? 



You can get daily affirmations straight to your inbox and some weekly 'words of wisdom' with some self love tips, meditations, and short yoga practices to help you start your self love journey..



There are many ways you can work with me... you can explore more on the links below... or contact me to find out more about how I can help you move form trauma to trust...from fear to faith...and to help you be the happiest version of you, right now.

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