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Integrative Therapist and Coach 

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Are you ready to live a life where you get to be unapologetically you?

Thank you for becoming curious to this called life and the inner work it takes to be YOU, unapologetically.


My name is Elaine, an Integrative Therapist and Coach, and I am passionate about helping you to heal your relationship to 'self' and create the most confident, worthy, version of you that has ever been.

Why? because I have been there. Maybe where you are now.... I've had the shi*ty relationships, the imposter syndrome, the anxiety, the self-sabotaging behaviours, the poor body image and the deep unhappiness within.


I've experienced and overcome a lot in my time on this earth, and only now am I getting to enjoy it in the most limitless and beautiful way... maybe you want to know more about my journey?

I not only changed my life, but I made it mission to help people change their inner world too.


Because you can have 'everything' and yet still feel like 'nothing'.


I want you to feel like 'you are enough' and 'limitless', regardless of your external successes.

Sounds good, right?

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Ways to work with Elaine

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