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Hypnotherapy is essentially a deep relaxation/ meditation technique, that allows me to interact with your subconscious mind to help change any beliefs, habits, patterns of behaviour or unregulated emotional responses that may be disrupting your life and impacting you negatively on a day to day basis.

Hypnotherapy is an amazing, relaxing experience in and of itself. You don't have to talk about past experiences, or go anywhere you don't want to go in your mind- you are in control the whole way through. 

We operate between 90-95% on our subconscious mind- thoughts that we aren't always aware of, that have become habitual feelings and behaviours, that mean we run in an 'automated' way. 

If you drive a car? This is largely subconscious. You do it on 'auto pilot'.... and if you've ever driven a journey that yo can't recall? That's a type of self hypnosis... because your subconscious was 'running the show'. 

With Hypnotherapy, I help you change these automated patterns and develop new, more positive ones.

Hypnotherapy can help with


All sessions are held online, so you can be in the comfort of your own home.
After your pre- treatment consultation, you will receive a treatment plan that runs initially for 4 sessions over 4 weeks.

Each session will start with a 15 minute chat on your thoughts and emotions around what you are experiencing at that present time- and how it is impacting you. 

We the move into the hypnosis session for 30-40 minutes, before closing the session and checking in with how you are thinking/feeling and any mindful practices to complete each week. 

Sessions are currently £236 for 4 x 60 minute sessions over 4 weeks, with a free initial consultation session to get you started. This includes a recording of the hypnosis to repeat between sessions, where appropriate.


1:1 Integrative Life coaching

What is Integrative Life Coaching?

Think of it as having someone who can help you with anything in life that you feel you can't do alone.


Maybe you feel stuck, you've lost the sense of who you are, life isn't flowing and you feel a sense of 'meh' each day and you just don't know how to change that? Or maybe you are clear on what you want but something is holding you back?


I am a certified Life Coach, hypnotherapist, counsellor, somatic movement and breathwork coach and i specialise in moving people forwards from any self negative thought and feeling patterns and limiting beliefs they may hold. 

Deep held limiting beliefs can be born from trauma, perceptions and observations seen throughout our lives...these can be beliefs like 'I am not good enough' , 'I am not loveable' and  'I am not worthy of... " which can show up in the present moment as:

  • Feelings of worthlessness- feeling like you're not seen or heard 

  • Struggling to set boundaries - people pleasing  

  • A constant need to feel safe- staying small, into speaking up and doing anything to fit in 

  • Constant Anxiety driven by the above- a feeling of being unsure, all of the time 


This can lead to:

  • Lack of fulfilment or 'imposter syndrome' in your job, with friends or life on general

  • Struggle with intimate relationships and attracting the right person for you- stuck in toxic cycles 

  • Feeling stuck and not able to make a decision to move forwards- feeling small, like you're in a 'box'

  • Symptoms of Burnout- total emotional and physical exhaustion 

I am like a detective and magician all rolled into one! I help you find the root cause of any self defeating behaviours that are showing up in your life right now, and we work through healing and strategies to overcome them, and manifest the life you truly want. 

Through a coaching partnership with me, we work together to: 


  • Create clarity on your vision- what you want and what is holding you back in life

  • Remove the blocks and create courage to take the steps to where you want to be

  • Give you confidence in who you are and creating your limitless life!

  • Feel and be the most empowered version of you there ever was!

When you work with me, it is in a mentorship of either 6 or 12 weeks, which includes:

  • 6 or 12 x 60 minute 1-1 coaching sessions 

  • Daily WhatsApp (app) access for voice note and text support

  • Bespoke programme PDF with journal prompts and supporting 

  • Meditations, affirmations and any additional beneficial self development practices 

Through my coaching partnerships I have helped 100's of people gain control over their lives by challenging limiting beliefs, thoughts and feelings... moving from fear to faith and from trauma to trust. 

And it all starts with a first step. 

The packages are £547 for 6 sessions or £999 for 12 sessions, with payment plans available

If you are ready to transform your life, to heal, to get clear on your vision for the future and have the confidence to achieve it, why not book your free 30 minute exploration call? You will find out more about how I can help you, get clear on where you are right now, and see if partnering with me is the right step.

It takes just one small step....


Book your free call or complete the contact form to start your journey today!

Click to book a consultation call or complete the form below to enquire about starting your journey with me!


Thank you for your enquiry! You will hear back from me in 24-48 hours!

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