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Integrative Therapist and Coach 

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Kind words from previous clients.


Claire, Cheshire
1-2-1 coaching client

Elaine came into my life during the first lock down.  I was at a very low point with work in the NHS and also trying to start a yoga business along with some massively emotional family situations and a very draining toxic ‘friendship’.  I felt like I couldn’t bother anyone else with my problems but really needed to speak to someone. 
Initially I wasn’t sure I could justify spending money on myself.  Then I realised I needed this.  Hand on heart this is the best money I’ve ever spent.  It doesn’t feel indulgent anymore, it feels necessary. 
I have very flexible meetings with Elaine in terms of how often we meet, depending on my needs at that time and my work schedule.  She has coached me through essentially an emotional breakdown, starting a new business, helped me to believe in myself and so much more…. I could go on for days.  She is an amazing woman and seems to be able to help me work through anything life throws at me.    


I’m not sure how I would have managed this year without her guidance and support. I can’t recommend her highly enough! 


Lisa, Essex
Free Your Mind Programme 2021

I started out with some free webinars in January… as soon as we started, I knew instantly that I was going to be joining the Free Your Mind programme when it launched.  


Once the programme started, at first I was nervous, not really knowing how it was going to go with regards to what or if I could start detaching from my limiting beliefs. There were weeks when it was tough, but with the support and coaching from Elaine, I was able to work through areas that I didn't think possible.  


We worked on group sessions, 1 to 1's, weekly meditations, journaling and breathwork sessions. Then, there's the community that was created, all like- minded women, supporting each other, week in week out, creating lifelong friends.  


I'm incredibly grateful for the programme and Elaine. I've gained an incredible amount of confidence, self- love, compassion for myself and a new zest of life. This programme has been life changing for me. Elaine has held invaluable space and I'm incredibly grateful for her.  


1-2-1 Coaching Client 2021

Working with Elaine was the best decision I made. At the time I was crippling myself, putting a stunt on the plans I had to build my business due to a constant nag of doubt and lack of self-belief.


I was making slow progress and knew if I didn’t seek the help from a coach I would continue to get in my own way. Deep down I knew I was capable but there was too much noise in my mind and thoughts which made me freeze from moving forward.  
Elaine is the most supportive coach, incredibly knowledgeable and meets you where you’re at. With kindness and compassion she’s helped me to see my capability, overcome the fear and step into who I am and know I can be.


In just three months of working together I defined my business offering and ideal client, ran my first programme and gained new found confidence in my ability, retraining my mindset and thought patterns and to really listen to what I need.


At times we would work through visualisations which were so powerful and this blended into the sessions to allow me to uncover so many realisations.  
Through the momentum coaching creates it gave me the belief, energy and motivation to make all these things happen and transform how I perceive myself, build courage and create lifelong change towards the life and business I want.  
I cannot thank her enough."  

Ways to work with Elaine

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